Friends of MVYRADIO

Friends of MVYRADIO, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID # 46-3432541.

If you are ready to make a donation to Friends of MVYRADIO, click through to our donation page or call us at 508-693-5000!

Mission Statement

MVYRADIO aspires to reflect Martha’s Vineyard and the region in music, news, culture and community. MVYRADIO embraces its local, regional and worldwide roots through its independent format, and uses contemporary media and community engagement to enrich the lives of our audience.

Vision Statement

Building community through the power of music.


Respect the audience, strive to connect.

Be authentic, honest, human and substantive.

Give voice to our diverse communities.

Emphasize quality in music and presentation.

Maintain a healthy and supportive work environment.

Entertain, inform, and educate.

Diversity Statement

For our Diversity Statement and information on our DEI initiatives, please see our Diversity page

    MVYRADIO is an NPR Member Station, and is supported by The Corporation For Public Broadcasting.

    MVYRADIO receives funding from the Corporation For Public Broadcasting. In accordance with their guidelines, our website includes the following information:

    1) Names of Board members, Advisory Board Members, Executive Staff
    2) Date of the next Open Meeting for Friends of MVYRADIO
    3) A link to obtain our Annual Financial Report
    4) Our Diversity Statement
    5) Local Content & Services Report
    6) Section 396(k)(12) Compliance
    7) FCC Public Inspection File

    Information on our Community Advisory Board is at the bottom of this page.



    Jim Attwood, Chair
    Chilmark, MA

    Rogers Brandon, Vice Chair
    Chilmark, MA

    Keith Crawford, Treasurer
    New Orleans, LA

    Susan Cole, Secretary
    Washington, DC

    John Beck
    South Yarmouth

    Brenda Brathwaite
    West Tisbury, MA

    Brooke Coburn
    Washington, DC

    Katie Dawson
    Vineyard Haven, MA

    David Edmonds
    Providence, RI

    Scott Fedonchik
    New York, NY

    PJ Finn
    Teaticket, MA

    Sam Fleming
    Chilmark, MA

    Sue Guiney
    Chilmark, MA

    Tristan Israel
    Vineyard Haven, MA

    Ursula Kreskey
    Edgartown, MA

    Zeb Landsman
    Aquinnah, MA

    Erin Moran
    Boulder, CO

    Larry Perkins
    Jupiter, FL

    Deborah Rappaport
    Chilmark, MA

    DiAnn Ray
    Vineyard Haven, MA

    Richard Roberts
    New York, NY

    Gary Rosen
    Franklin Lakes, NJ

    Rahoul Roy
    New York, NY

    Olivia Steele
    Vineyard Haven, MA

    Kathleen Teehan
    Edgartown, MA

    Peter Tollman
    Vineyard Haven, MA

    Pat Washington
    Oak Bluffs, MA


    PJ Finn
    Executive Director

    Erin Moran


    Harriet Bernstein
    West Tisbury, MA

    Tamara Buchwald
    Washington, D.C.

    Bruce Danziger
    Sudbury, MA

    Kharma Finley- Wallace
    Oak Bluffs, MA

    Tim Goodman
    Chilmark, MA

    Elliot Greene
    East Falmouth, MA

    Andy Herr
    Edgartown, MA

    Marion Kistler
    Vineyard Haven, MA

    David Lindheimer
    Edgartown, MA

    Steve Parachini
    Edgartown, MA

    Matt Perzanowski
    West Tisbury, MA

    Susan Shea
    Edgartown, MA

    Julie Sierputoski
    West Tisbury, MA

    Livingston Taylor
    West Tisbury, MA

    Sally Taylor
    Cambridge, MA

    Executive Staff

    Joe Stickles, Chair
    Northborough, MA

    Ursula Kreskey, Board Representative
    Edgartown, MA


    All meetings are open to the public.

    The next 2024 Open Meeting of the Friends of MVYRADIO Board is on June 20th at 11:30am. This meeting will be held on a Zoom line. For more information, call 508-693-5000. Board meetings are held quarterly. Other 2024 dates include September 19 and December 14.

    The next 2024 Open Meeting of the Friends of MVYRADIO Community Advisory Board is June 5 at 11am. This meeting will be held on a Zoom line. For more information, call 508-693-5000. Other 2024 dates include September 4, and December 4.

    The next 2024 Open Meeting of the Friends of MVYRADIO Events Committee is June 18th at 1:30pm. This meeting will be held on a Zoom line. For more information, call 508-693-5000.

    The next 2024 Open Meeting of the Friends of MVYRADIO Equity & Inclusion Action Group is September 17th at 11am. This meeting will be held on a Zoom line. For more information, call 508-693-5000.

    The next 2024 Open Meeting of the Friends of MVYRADIO Executive Committee is August 8th at 4pm. This meeting will be held on a Zoom line. For more information, call 508-693-5000. Other 2024 dates include October 31.

    The next 2023 Open Meeting of the Friends of MVYRADIO Finance Committee is November 28th at 1:00pm. This meeting will be held on a Zoom line. For more information, call 508-693-5000.

    The next 2024 Open Meeting of the Friends of MVYRADIO Governance Committee is March 14 at 1pm. This meeting will be held on a Zoom line. For more information, call 508-693-5000.

    The next 2024 Open Meeting of the Friends of MVYRADIO Development Committee is June 11th at 1:30pm. This meeting will be held on a Zoom line. For more information, call 508-693-5000. Other 2024 dates include October 8.


    View Friends of MVYRADIO Inc 2023 financials. And our CPB 2023 AFR Report. And our 2023 Form 990 Public Disclosure.


    As a Voice for the Vineyard, Cape Cod, Southeastern Massachusetts, Newport, RI, and the World, MVYRADIO has established its mission as a reflection of the many voices, cultures, ideas and perspectives in our broadcast area.

    Our role within this community is to ensure that those voices are represented and heard in our music programming, on our public affairs shows, through our sponsored events, and within our staff, Board of Directors, and Community Advisory Board.

    We are especially attuned to our responsibility to participate in conversations that challenge overt and systemic racism, bigotry and injustice. We pledge to use our platform to advance this dialogue.

    We recognize that to achieve this mission, MVYRADIO must continuously assess and improve identified areas of operation within our organization, including:

    • Recruiting Board members to advance the gender balance and racial diversity of our Board of Directors and our Community Advisory Board
    • Expanding outreach, beyond standard Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) requirements, to guarantee that our staff recruitment and hiring is from a diverse applicant pool
    • Examining music programming to improve gender parity and racial diversity in the artists we play
    • Evaluating our public affairs programs to ensure that underserved and minority constituencies have access to our platform to express their message
    • Examining our business practices and committing to seek and support minority-owned businesses

    We follow the FCC's guidelines on EEO hiring requirements for staff. We comply with nondiscrimination provisions of relevant federal, state and local regulations.


    WMVY's goal is to serve the communities of Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod and to reflect the voice and spirit of those who live here, through the station's programming and personalities. MVY works hard to provide the community with reliable, current information surrounding basic needs such as weather, tides, sea conditions, ferry and airline service, school closings, traffic information, emergency management messages and other vital services. The station provides local and national news and broadcasts Public Service announcements for local nonprofit organizations.

    The station produces several locally-focused feature programs. "The MVYRADIO Person Of The Week" is a 3 minute first person portrait of a local individual who is creating a community benefit. We spotlight over 50 individuals each year. On Sunday mornings, we air a 30 minute "news magazine" format program called "The Vineyard Current." This program has won a Massachusetts Broadcasters Association Award for 8 straight years. The program begins with a weekly news round-up featuring reporters from The Vineyard Gazette, followed by profiles of people and organizations that make Martha's Vineyard tick. This show has a companion program called “The Cape Cod Current” which follows a similar format, instead focusing on Cape Cod residents and organizations. On Sunday nights, from 7pm to 8pm, we air a program called "MVYRADIO Night Casts." This music program focuses on a weekly theme, with music selections to highlight the theme, plus an in-studio local guest, and recorded "local voices" talking about the theme. On Tuesdays, we air the weekly one-hour program "The MVYRADIO Local Music Cafe" which spotlights local/New England-based independent musicians. Through these programs, hundreds of local individuals and organizations are given a voice on the air.

    In 2023, we held our third forum series. “Walking Through The Vineyard’s Climate Action Plan” was held in Spring 2023, for one hour each Monday night, featuring guests representing the many aspects on the issue of climate action on Martha’s Vineyard.

    After a collaboration in 2021 with the MV Diversity Coalition on a Panel series, the station participated in the 2023 “Truth & Joy” event, featuring an unveiling of a new plaque on the MV African American Heritage Trail, and an evening of live music.

    In 2023, we continued to update our long-running Black History Month features. These 90-second pieces air daily during February. Previously, they focused on a National figure, but in 2018 we worked with the Martha's Vineyard African American Heritage Trail to create pieces that are focused on local African American History. We expand the library of these features each year.

    We held our third annual Night Out For Nonprofits. We invite representatives from the over 200 nonprofits on the Island for a cocktail hour, and then bring in the general public for a fun night with live music and food. Money collected at the door benefits the MV Donors Collaborative, which holds educational training for nonprofit leaders.

    In the fall we continued our Radio Games series. This free after school hour is held weekly at the West Tisbury library for middle school aged students. An MVY DJ teaches communication skills via age-appropriate games.

    We also continued our collaboration with the Martha’s Vineyard Charter School. On Friday, groups of students visit the station to play age-appropriate games that teach communication skills. They also learn about recording techniques.

    Our Equity And Inclusion Action Group (a subcommittee of our Board, which also includes members of the staff and Community Advisory Board) is conducting surveys and focus groups with traditionally underserved groups in our area.

    We have completed the first survey, which sought feedback from the Black/African American community. There are two programming initiatives that we will pursue in summer/fall 2024.

    In the spring 2024, we will conduct a survey with the local Brazilian community, soliciting feedback on possible ways the station can provide programming support and information, including content in Brazilian Portuguese.

    For our information on our DEI initiatives, please see our Diversity page.

    6) SECTION 396(k)(12) COMPLIANCE
    To receive funding from The Corporation For Public Broadcasting, Friends of MVYRADIO must be in compliance with Section 396(k)(12), which states:

    "The station(s) and its/their licensee comply with the donor list and political activity requirements of the Communications Act of 1934 codified at 47 U.S.C. § 396(k)(12)."

    In short, we are instructed to state that the station does not rent contributor or donor names (or other personally identifiable information) to or from, or exchange such names or information with, any Federal, State, or local candidate, political party, or political committee.

    Friends of MVYRADIO is in compliance with this instruction.

    You can find our FCC-required Public Inspection Files online, here. Or in our office during regular business hours.



    As part of our commitment to serving the people in our broadcast area, MVYRADIO’s Community Advisory Board is a group of local individuals who help provide oversight, feedback, advice and expertise to the MVYRADIO Staff and Board.

    The CAB is separate from MVYRADIO’s Governing Board. The Governing Board oversees the business as a whole, approves budgets, and is responsible for the station’s general governance.

    The CAB is a volunteer group made up of MVYRADIO supporters and friends who live in our broadcast area. They are community members with a variety of professional backgrounds, and representatives from a wide range of constituencies from within the Cape & Islands. They are informed individuals who are willing to be visible in the community and to gather comments, ideas and recommendations for the station’s programming and service. It is advisory only and does not have any fiduciary or governance responsibilities.

    But the CAB role in the station’s mission is both unique and important. CAB members provide critical feedback on the station, its programming, and its strategic direction. It is all with the aim of helping MVYRADIO successfully fulfill its role as an important community institution.

    As a requirement of our grant from the Corporation For Public Broadcasting, the CAB meets quarterly. During these one-hour meetings, station Staff reports to the CAB on our recent activities, current finances, and other matters of interest. The CAB is encouraged to provide feedback.

    CAB members serve 3-year terms on a volunteer basis.

    The only commitment CAB members are asked to make, is to regularly attend CAB meetings, which can be done in-person or on Zoom.

    Though not required, CAB members also:

    -volunteer at MVY events (ie. Our Patio Concert Series, at an MVY Open House)
    -help introduce possible Major Donors to our Development team
    -provide professional support and advice in their area of expertise
    -become financial supporters of the station

    We’d love to have you help MVYRADIO be the best it can be. If you’re interested in learning more about being an MVYRADIO CAB member, please contact Joe Stickles.

    "Thanks for playing such wonderful and varied music; we love discovering new artists through MVY, and we also enjoy hearing some of our old favorites."

    Allan in California