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mvyradio News

From the small town story and Beacon Hill to the capitol and all over the world, MVYRADIO News covers the stories that impact all our lives. Weekdays at 6:00am, 6:30am, 7:00am, 7:30am, 8:00am, 9am, Noon and 6pm.

Musical Notes

It's news. It's music. It's music news. Get the scoop on your favorite artists Weekdays at 9:20am and 4:20pm.

The Lunch Hour: What's New for Lunch, Essential MVY, e-Quest

Just after the MVYRADIO news at noon, we kick off The Lunch Hour!! We'll serve up a couple of new tracks on What's New For Lunch. Then it's Essential MVY with the songs and artists that are the heart and soul of our sound. And we wrap it up with the E-quest of the Day, an e-mail request from our worldwide audience!!

Live, Acoustic and Cover Tunes

Tune in twice every weekday, at 8:20am and 5:20pm, for a set of Live, Acoustic, and Cover Tunes! Hear songs you know and love--interpreted, in concert or unplugged.

Specialty Programs

Putumayo World Music Hour

Music knows no borders and the beat goes on and on around the planet. Hear cultures blend and genres evolve from all corners of our round globe as the people of Putumayo bring the World to MVYRADIO, Sundays at 6pm. Check out recent playlists here.

The Hot Seat

It's an hour of absolutely anything. Every week a different DJ, every week a different theme. Every week it's 60 minutes of something so different, it'll make the chair spin. Monday nights at 9 pm and again Sundays at 10pm.

Night Casts

Join Laurel for "Night Casts" Sunday Nights at 7pm. It's a program dedicated to connecting us through the stories and experiences that shape our lives and the music that inspires us. There's a different theme each week and you can send your story and song request on the theme to

The previous week's Night Casts will replay on Sundays at 11pm

The Vineyard Current & The Cape Cod Current

On Sundays at 10am, Laurel Redington explores life on Martha's Vineyard through the diverse voices of the people who live here on The Vineyard Current. Arts, business, politics, food and more are explored in conversation with Islanders each week. Visit the show archives here. On the last Sunday of each month, The Vineyard Current is followed by The Cape Cod Current.

Person Of The Week

Margaret Mead famously said "Never doubt that a small, committed group of people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Change, like politics, is local, and MVYRADIO wants you to meet the local folks who are quietly doing the work, finding the answers, changing the world. You'll find the world is a better place, when you meet the MVYRADIO Person Of The Week, every Thursday at 8am and noon, during the News. Or visit the Person Of The Week Archives here.

Uncharted Waters

Music Director Jess Phaneuf hosts this new music show, featuring artists you know and love but also many that you've never heard. Fridays at 9pm and again Sundays at 9pm. See the playlists here!

The Blues At 8

From the backwoods to the city streets, the roadhouses and the smoky clubs, the living masters and the modern day torch-bearers, it's the original soul music, weeknights at 8pm with Bill Narkiewicz.

The Local Music Café

The Local Music Café and Alison Hammond introduce you to independent, grassroots artists. Tuesday night at 9pm and again Sundays at 8pm. Visit the show archives here!

Sunday Morning and All That Jazz

Sunday morning has its own rhythms and cadence. The alarm clock is off, the coffee is on and Dave Kish plays the brightest lights from the full spectrum of jazz, from 6 to 10am. Check out recent playlists here.

My Back Pages

Join Barnes Newberry every Saturday as he journeys through tracks from 60s and 70s folk and folk rock, as well as the singer songwriters, country rockers and blues players from that scene. Also in the mix will be contemporary artists with a direct connection to the roots. "My Back Pages" every Saturday at your convenience in the archives. Show playlists are here.

Shakedown Stream

For Grateful Dead Fans everywhere, Jer Bear brings you Shakedown Stream, each Tuesday. Every episode of Shakedown Stream starts with an hour of Dead music, history and news, followed by an archival Dead show, played in its entirety. You'll find shows archived, here. And read Jer's blog here.

Weekday Games & Weekly Features

Morning Movie Quote

Morning smells like Victory, when you know the Morning Movie Quote. Hear a clip, name the movie, and phone home to win great prizes every weekday morning at 7:20.

At Work Challenge

Know that bassline? Recognize that beat? It's on the tip of your tongue, isn't it? Weekdays at 11:20am, use your rapid recall to name that song!

Afternoon Mindbender

MVYRADIO listeners are super-smart and they prove it every day, by plumbing deep within their grey matter to answer our toughest queries on a variety of subjects. Show your smarts weekdays at 3:20pm.

Monday Free CD

Tune in Mondays for your chance to win the Monday Free CD

Album of the Week

Remember finding a new great record and inviting your friends over to hear it? You gathered 'round the stereo and got lost in the music? Every Wednesday at 9pm, MVYRADIO invites you over to our place, to hear one of our new favorite albums in its entirety.

The Friday Afternoon 6-Pack

The MVYRADIO Friday Afternoon 6 Pack is all new! Join us each Friday as we make the 6 Pack a more fun, interactive experience. On Friday morning, we'll announce a 6 Pack theme, and we'll post about it on our Facebook page. Let us know your favorite song on that theme by posting it. At 6pm, Amy will pick the 6 best suggestions and play them as a set of music. Listen in to see if YOURS is picked!