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We’re excited to announce that we’ll keep our Porch Concert series going this summer with performers playing here ON ISLAND, and streaming live to our Facebook page. For those who don’t have Facebook, we’ll be streaming the concerts on our homepage as well - MVYRADIO.org

Our 2021 Porch Concerts are made possible thanks to Tashmoo Insurance, Murdick's Fudge, Beacon Advocates, and a generous donation from Brenda & Leon Brathwaite


July 13th - Caroline Sky

From her luminous voice and the first chords that ring out tunefully from her acoustic guitar, Caroline Sky’s audiences are left with little doubt - they are in the presence of a truly extraordinary singer-songwriter, one who combines top-shelf vocal talents, uncommon songwriting insight, and soulful instrumental delivery. She’s most publicly known for her appearance as a contestant on Season 12 of NBC's top-rated music reality show, The Voice. Caroline has always believed that music has the power to bridge differences, to bring people together to achieve a higher purpose. Putting that belief into action, she often lends her talents to benefit concerts and musical philanthropies. She’s been a fixture of our Porch Concert series for many years!

July 20th - Sean Della Croce

Sean Della Croce is a songwriter with a voice powerfully tuned to every story she tells. A Nashville native, Della Croce grew up steeped in the city’s culture and learned her craft by the light of some of music’s biggest stars. She is the third generation of her family with the music business in her blood, growing up around such influential artists as Vince Gill, John Oates, Ralph Stanley, The Beach Boys and LeAnn Rimes. Such familiarity enabled her to absorb a wide-range of song craft and musical styles without being swept up by the larger-than-life personalities. In addition to her musical efforts, Della Croce is the co-founder and editor of a quarterly journal, Broadside, that explores the lived experiences of women through poetry and prose. The project is a stirring testament to her belief in the power of a story and her dedication to empowering others to share their voices.

July 27th - Jason Spooner Band

Multi-award winning New England-based songwriter Jason Spooner discovered his father's collection of eight-track tapes as a child and never looked back. After early exposure to songwriter legends like Neil Young, Paul Simon, Jim Croce and Van Morrison along with Motown heavies like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Gladys Knight, Jason was inspired to start making the rounds on coffee house stages in his teens. Shortly thereafter, he spent time in Europe performing in folk & blues clubs and on the streets of London and around Spain. Once back in the states, he landed a job at a roots & blues record label where he witnessed numerous Blues legends (including members of the original Muddy Waters band ) making magic in recording sessions. Before long, Jason jumped head-first into the Northeast's burgeoning songwriter scene. Jason's writing style has emerged as a crucial strength that sets this Portland, Maine-based artist apart from the fray of young songwriters populating the New England music scene. Admittedly far from content with the majority of songs dominating today's radio charts, Jason hovers in a unique space between the literal and the psychological. As a writer, he often provides enough detail to ignite the listener's imagination while enabling them to deliver some personal experience to the equation.

August 3rd - Alisa Amador

Alisa Amador began performing as a backup singer for her parents’ bilingual Latin folk band Sol y Canto at age five. Her ease with performing comes from touring extensively with her parents’ band with her twin brother. Through their high school years, Alisa and her twin were often crammed into a minivan or backstage, loading in and out, and passing time by making styrofoam puppets out of coffee cups and stirrers. Alisa began playing classical guitar at age 10, inspired by her father, and eventually found the electric guitar a decade later. The new instrument was versatile enough to honor her many influences and styles. When listening to Alisa’s music, her time spent immersed in Latin folk and jazz is undoubtedly present in her own songs, written in both English and Spanish. But there is also pop, funk, soul, and something uniquely her own. Alisa’s specialty is sparking connection, across both listeners and musical styles.

August 10th - Izzy Heltai

The child of two mathematicians, Izzy Heltai showed little interest in numbers, science, or academia. Luckily, his parents adjusted. His mom took him to lilac festivals, ballets, and Newport Folk Festival back when kids tickets were $20. Izzy works primarily in his friend Andy Cass’s studio in Williamsburg, MA, where he recorded the entirety of his debut album Father and his new singles. Izzy plays acoustic guitar and sings on his recordings. He is joined by Garrett Salazar on drums, Andy Cass on bass, and Micah Katz-Zeiger on everything else. Izzy’s producer, Max Shakun, lovingly coins Micah as their swiss army knife, “because he plays literally everything else”. Since Father was released in September 2020, Izzy has moved from a folk sound to a blend of pop, indie, and classic rock. Izzy resides in Easthampton Massachusetts. He loves biking and most of his time is focused on work and making drum loops in his bedroom.

August 17th - Gabriella Simpkins

Gabriella Simpkins is an award-winning independent singer-songwriter, composer, arranger, and musician hailing from Cape Cod, MA. Always dancing to the beat of her own drum, the range of Gabriella’s musicianship knows very few boundaries and has grown over the past ten years to include jazz flute, classical composing, fingerstyle guitar, and much more. Her creations are a true melting pot of these diverse endeavors. Inspired by the likes of Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Karen Dalton, and Amy Winehouse, Gabriella’s music is a blend of folk and indie rock informed by her love of complex jazz and classical harmonies. Supported by her impressionistic guitar playing, her songwriting blurs the lines between the concrete and abstract to tap into her deepest vulnerabilities, and she seeks to create an experience in which listeners can do the same.

August 24th -

Corey and Anand met by chance one evening when they were separately on the bill at Luthier’s Coop in Easthampton, MA. They had a magnetic response to each other’s music and vibe and were soon working together on Corey’s 2018 release Seafoam. Plans, recordings, and momentum were building towards what looked like a breakout year but 2020 had other plans. Once it became clear the world would continue to spin, they returned to the work they began in 2019 and decided to name their collaboration Cloudbelly, after a bird-friend they had known. The world may already be strange, but it is surely getting stranger. Cloudbelly hopes, as all who create must hope, to chart a course through the strangeness they can walk with eyes and hearts open. Though Cloudbelly operates as a duo, they are just as much a product of a beautiful web of collaborators and friends who grace their recordings, offer support and inspiration. Living and creating often go hand in hand in Western MA, a region as bursting with creative genius as it is overflowing with kindness.

August 31st - MARJORIE

Seamus McMahon, otherwise known as MARJORIE, wrote his debut album, “A Growing Season,” with home in mind, both metaphorically and literally. From the name of his project (shared with his grandmother) to the record’s title, the new album reflects his time growing up in Mattapoisett, MA, growing into a new stage of his life and the feelings invoked by the memories of both experiences. For him, everything on that record “succinctly sounds like home.”

McMahon picked up the drums at age eight in Old Hammondtown School, and his time playing led him through Old Rochester Regional High School and into Berklee College where he graduated in 2018. He always wanted to pursue songwriting during college, but never had the time because he was busy learning jazz in classes. After graduating, he felt he needed a reset, so he moved into his sister’s house in Mattapoisett in the summer of 2018. The home, which once belonged to his grandparents, played an integral part in the project. Out in the garden working with his sister, McMahon had the idea of creating an album called “A Growing Season.”



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