As a Voice for the Vineyard, Cape Cod, Southeastern Massachusetts, Newport, RI, and the World, MVYRADIO has established its mission as a reflection of the many voices, cultures, ideas and perspectives in our broadcast area.

Our role within this community is to ensure that those voices are represented and heard in our music programming, on our public affairs shows, through our sponsored events, and within our staff, Board of Directors, and Community Advisory Board.

We are especially attuned to our responsibility to participate in conversations that challenge overt and systemic racism, bigotry and injustice. We pledge to use our platform to advance this dialogue.

We recognize that to achieve this mission, MVYRADIO must continuously assess and improve identified areas of operation within our organization, including:

  • Recruiting Board members to advance the gender balance and racial diversity of our Board of Directors and our Community Advisory Board
  • Expanding outreach, beyond standard Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) requirements, to guarantee that our staff recruitment and hiring is from a diverse applicant pool
  • Examining music programming to improve gender parity and racial diversity in the artists we play
  • Evaluating our public affairs programs to ensure that underserved and minority constituencies have access to our platform to express their message
  • Examining our business practices and committing to seek and support minority-owned businesses


With our new Business Diversity Initiative, we want to share our platform with businesses owned by women, those who identify as black, indigenous or people of color, immigrants, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, as well as members of the LGBTQIA community, the disability community, and veterans.

Businesses that are accepted into our Business Diversity Initiative program will receive a bank of free messages on MVYRADIO. These :15 second underwriting spots must follow FCC and station guidelines. We’ll be happy to work with you to develop copy that supports your business and stays within the parameters below.

Congratulations to our most recent grantees: Popavent, TBS Tax Services and Birchstone Apothecary

***If you think your business might qualify for our Business Diversity Initiative, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION, and then click through to our application***

Underwriting messages must be:

-informational, but not promotional
-15 seconds long
-free of any “call to action” asking a listen to “do” “buy” or “go to”
-descriptive of the business, but without qualitative language “the best” “number one”
-free of mentions of prices, discounts and sales

MVYRADIO and FCC guidelines prevent us from running Underwriting mentions in certain business categories, including (but not limited to) tobacco, marijuana, CDB products, firearms, fireworks, casinos, gambling, and political candidates or advocacy.



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In this section, we offer current details on how we're approaching the areas outlined in our Diversity Statement.

In Fall 2020, the MVYRADIO Board of Directors created a Diversity Committee, comprised of Board members and staff members. In January 2021, the Committee added CAB members. In January 2022, the Committee voted to rename itself the MVYRADIO Equity & Inclusion Action Group. This Committee is tasked with helping the organization assess its current efforts, identifying areas of improvement, creating guidelines, and approving and advising on future projects.

Board & Staff

In December 2021, the Board voted to accept three new members. The Board makeup is now 27% BIPOC members, up from 18% in 2020. The Board is 40% female members, up from 32% in 2020. When the Board considers future members, the Governance Committee which interviews and recommends new candidates, will take furthering diversity and achieving gender parity as a priority consideration.

In March 2021, the CAB voted to accept several new members with the intent of improving diversity and gender parity. The Board makeup is now 20% BIPOC members, and 70% female. When the CAB considers future members, the members who interview and recommend new candidates, will take furthering diversity and balanced gender parity as a priority consideration.

The current paid staff has a 50/50 male-to-female ratio. The station aims to maintain this gender parity. One part-time staff member is black. One part time staff member is Brazilian. The rest of the staff is white. The station will aim to improve diversity in 2022, as it aims to add one full-time and one part-time position.

While MVYRADIO has always followed proper EEO guidelines, the applicant pool for past positions has not been sufficiently diverse and our hiring has not been sufficiently diverse. A workgroup of Committee members is researching how other organizations successfully broaden their outreach for open positions and how they ensure that applicants reflect the diversity of the local population. The workgroup will submit recommended guidelines to the Committee in 2022.


In music programming, MVYRADIO has made diversity a priority. In Fall 2020, an assessment of MVYRADIO standard programming showed the BIPOC artists account for 8 to 10% of the standard daily playlist (that is, music programming NOT including specialty shows). Adjustments in the music programming software have made it possible to identify and ensure that each hour of regular programming includes a minimum of one BIPOC artist. A recent re-evaluation shows that BIPOC artists account for 14.5% of the standard programming playlist.

Specialty programming (including The Blues At 8, Sunday Morning Jazz, Putumayo World Music Hour, Local Music Café, Positive Vibrations, etc) tends to have a much higher percentage of BIPOC artists, in some cases featuring 80+% BIPOC artists.

MVYRADIO has also made gender parity a priority in music programming. The overall Library of regularly played songs has roughly at 75/25 male-to-female ratio. For “Current” songs (songs released in the last 6 months), MVYRADIO is aiming for a 50/50 male-to-female ratio. During certain weeks in 2021, the station’s “Current” playlist (which accounts for about 40% of the day’s programming) did reach 50/50. However, an analysis of the full year showed a 55/45 male-to-female ratio. This is an improvement over 2020's result of 65/35. The goal for 2022 is to move closer to gender parity in our “Currents.”

For live performance music events and programming, MVYRADIO will aim for gender parity and diverse representation. In our 2021 Porch Concert Series, there was gender parity in the performers chosen. BIPOC and LGBTQ+ performers were included.

We performed an assessment to identify who was featured on our Community Outreach programs "The Vineyard Current" and "The Cape Cod Current" in our 2021 shows. The intent was to assess if our choices for interviewees were diverse and reflect the community we serve. This initial assessment tracks the interviewees' race, gender, and sexual orientation. Now that the first assessment is complete, we will refine the process and apply it to other Community Outreach programs.

Of 183 interviews conducted in 2021 for "The Vineyard Current":
-97 featured female interviewees, 66 featured male interviewees, and the rest featured multiple interviewees male and female.
-17 featured Black interviewees, 54 Brazilian interviewees, 105 White interviewees, and the rest featured multiple interviewees with a mix of racial identities
-150 featured heterosexual interviewees, 6 LGBTQ+ interviewees, and the rest featured either multiple interviewees, or the orientation of the interviewees was not known.

Of 74 interviews conducted in 2021 for "The Cape Cod Current":
-46 featured female interviewees, 28 featured male interviewees.
-One interviewee is BIPOC. All other interviewees whose racial identity is known, are white. There were 20 interviewees who's racial identity was not known (most interviews are conducted via phone call).
-In most cases, the gender identity of the interviewee was not known. One interviewee is transgender.

Vendors & Underwriting

We are in the process of researching our current vendor list, to assess if the organizations that we contract with for services are diverse. We are noting which businesses are majority-BIPOC owned and/or majority-woman owned. A workgroup of Committee members is researching how other organizations successfully broaden their outreach for hiring vendors and how they ensure that vendors reflect the diversity of the local population.

The Underwriting Department has launched a Business Diversity Initiative program to grant majority-BIPOC owned or majority-woman owned businesses free messaging on the station. Businesses are able to apply for these grants, which will give the business a flight of Underwriting messages to use on the air. Applications are reviewed quarterly by the Committee. The second 3 grants were awarded in January 2022.


In February 2021, MVYRADIO co-hosted a series of Zoom panels entitled “Let’s Do Better: A Racial Equity Conversation Series.” This series was developed by Community Outreach Director Laurel Redington, and MVYRADIO Board member Dr. Walter Collier. The intent was to use our platform to spark conversation, reconciliation, and action.

We have made these goals public as part of the process of being transparent, accountable, and serious about our commitment to doing better.

Updated 03/24/2022