MVY turns 40!

In May 1983, WMVY signed on the air with live DJs and an eclectic music format. And for 40 years we’ve maintained that independent, community-focused, real-people experience.

We’re so glad you can help us celebrate our 40th Anniversary!

Over the course of the next several months, we’ll have special programming and events to connect with our past and celebrate our present and future.

On Nightcasts, Laurel Redington will have interviews with past MVYRADIO folks, including Bob Forrester who, along with his wife Linda, brought WMVY to the airwaves in 1981 as an automated station, before launching the live DJ format in May 1983. Details to come on those shows.

On July 15th , we’ll have a free MVYRADIO Dance Party at the Tabernacle in Oak Bluffs. We’re inviting the whole community to come out and dance with us! And we’re hoping some past MVYRADIO staff will come too. Details coming soon.

In July, you’ll have a chance to win a 40 th Anniversary Prize Package, filled with FORTY gifts! Stay tune for information on this.

We’ll soon be announcing a BIG fundraising concert at the Old Whaling Church this summer.

That, and more, are coming. Check out below for what’s already underway!

Our 40th Anniversary programming is made possible thanks to our business underwriters, including Paine's Patio; Falmouth Motorcar; Morning Glory Farm; Falmouth Marine; Hy-Line Cruises; Quahog Republic; Island Housing Trust; Zoe & Company Professional Bra Fitters; Cape Cod Five; The Winnetu Oceanside Resort; Cronig’s Market & Healthy Additions; SeaDar Construction & Property Management, Cape Air, and Cape Cod Life.


Each Saturday at noon, we’ll air 30 minutes of audio from our vast archives. You’ll hear bits of old programming, past DJs, commercials that you’ll recall, archival sporting events, and many, many fun memories.


At 12:30 on Saturdays, Amy Vanneman will play 40 songs in chronological order, starting with a song released in 1983, followed by a song from 1984, 1985, going through 2023.


We reached out to some of our close musical friends and asked them if they’d cover a song or artist that’s essential to the sound of MVYRADIO. The generous spirit of the artists we interact with is on full display with this series of performances. We’ll be releasing a new video every 3 days, all summer long!


mvyradio · From The Archives - 40th Anniversary Shows

"Great mix of old and new, the genre of music is diverse: Folk, country, pop, rock, easy listening, R&B. Songs played by major artists are not the commercial hits continually regurgitated on mainstream radio. Breath of fresh air.”

Evelyn in Germany