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screenmocks-dotorgWelcome to our new website!

First off, we’ve become a dot.ORG.  Now that MVY is non-profit, we’re If you put “” in your browser, you’ll be re-directed to our site, but we want you to remember that we’re listener-supported. We hope you’ll take some time to poke around, check out our Archives, the Program Schedule, our Store and our Story and more. And let us know what you think!

The all-new “Now Playing” feature

NowPlayingTake a look up to the top right part of this page — we’ve got something we want to show you.

One of the exciting features of our new website is our new “Now Playing” section. Not only can it tell you what’s on the air right now, but you can look back in our history for hours, or even days.

And that’s not all. The playlist will display song lyrics, link you to the music video, and let you buy the song! And where you see a little red “pointer,” that tells you the…  [read more]

PORCHCONCERTThe return of our Porch Concerts

On Tuesdays in July and August, expect to find MVY and some fantastic performers, hanging out at the Harbor View Hotel, overlooking the Edgartown Harbor.

The shows are free, the cash bar is open, and the music promises to be outstanding. [read more] 

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